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This section covers a range of activities at Alderley Edge.  Some are past activities and some are very much in the present.

Filming CountryFile in the MuseumThe DCC has now been working at Alderley Edge since 1970 so we have seen a lot of change in that time.  Not least has been the change in the National Trust's approach to the Edge: the National Trust now take a very positive approach towards the historical mining.  We have also dealt with a raft of new legislation which, in general, is aimed at protecting the features of the Edge and the visitors to it. 

Most of our activities up to the turn of the millennium were concerned with exploration of passage that had been inaccessible for many years since being filled in deliberately or by nature over time.   Nowadays, we share the view of the National Trust that we must treat the mines as part of the country's historical (and geological) heritage and explore them more sympathetically.  Archaeological research is now developing within the Club led by a handful of amateurs who are rapidly developing their skills with the help of the National trust.  This is not to say that we have run out of jobs: the website lists a large number of potential projects for members to undertake.

Along with the exploration and research, we maintain the mines for the benefit of general visitors who may come at any time of the year or only on our Open Days which normally take place twice a year.  Thousands have visited the mines over the year and many come out saying "I walked over the Edge for years and never knew what existed beneath my feet".  Even if people cannot get to visit the mines, we can provide lectures and of course this website is regularly used for research and education.