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All visits to the Alderley Edge mines have to be arranged with a DCC member. 
To find out more, follow the links from this page.

A guided trip in Wood Mine

If you have little or no real experience of mining, we can take you on a guided trips.  For more information, read our page for organised groups.

  Descending the top section of Chain Shaft in West Mine

If you are experienced in visiting caves and mines, you may still want to read the general guidance or jump straight to the details of trips for more experienced visitors.

Open Weekends mean setting up facilities for visitors Open Days are a good opportunity to visit the mines and find out more.  Read about details of future Open Days and how to book trips   Scout visits For visits by Scouts (including Beavers and Cubs), please refer to the special page for Scout organisers.
Squeezing through in Sell Gill Holes, Yorkshire Dales For more about caving or visiting mines elsewhere with the DCC, other than at Alderley Edge, visit our caving web pages.   Viewing the 'vein' in Engine Vein Specialised trips for geologists are now available, go to the geological visits page for details.
Filming Countryfile For filming, please go to this page. Visitors in the further reaches of West Mine Other planned trips may be held from time to time, go to this page to see a list and make a booking.

For information about parking, refreshments, etc., have a look at our page about the facilities on the site.

For a more detailed map of the area, follow this link to the main Alderley mines page.  Leaflets about the mines are printed for the Open Days and can also be downloaded here:

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