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Time bar for mining at Alderley Edge

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Bronze Age Roman period 1700s - mid 1800s Main 19th century mining period Post-mining period Bronze Age Roman period Early 1800s
c. 1900 BC Dating of charcoal found in smelting pit at Engine Vein.
1750 + or - 50 BC Age (by carbon dating) of wooden shovel found at Brynlow and of smelting site at Engine Vein.
c. 75 BC Carbon dating of timber in Roman shaft at Engine Vein
300 - 320 AD Age of coins found at Engine Vein in Roman hoard
1598 Reference to "myne holes" in parish boundary walk.
(1688/92 Repeal of Mines Royal Act)
1693 Mr Legh of Ridge
1696 Mr Crosse and others. Dispute with Mr Legh
1700 -1710 Area may have been mined by Mr Abbadine
1758 -1768 Charles Roe and Macclesfield Copper Company
1770s Mr Whitfield and Mr Heaton prospecting
1780s Mr Patten from Warrington. Wizard Restaurant built, known at the time as "Miners Arms".
1791 Mines were working for copper and lead, possibly by Roe & Co
1804 Exploration by James Ashton
1805 Lease (1/1/1805) to Ashton and others for 14 years (Alderley Mine Company)
1806 Cobalt recognised at Alderley
1807 Steam powered crusher in Windmill Wood
1808 Agreement to sell cobalt to a Yorkshire pottery
1809 Experiments with cobalt ore in Wallasey
1810 -1811 Alderley Mining Company dissolved
1857 Area investigated by James Michell
1858 Lease taken out (12/4/58), opencast mining at West Mine
1859 Alderley Edge Mining Company Limited incorporated (13/8/59)
1861 Visit by British Association
1862 Michell killed by fall in mine in November
1863 West Mine crossing "Great Slide"
1864 Possible opening of Wood Mine
1865 Visit by Japanese and Stanley family
1866 "GL" marked initials in Brynlow
1869 Richer ore being worked
1870 Substantial drop in output
(1872 Metalliferous Mines Regulation Act 1872)
1873 Drop in quality of ore
1874 Working in Field area, Boyd Dawkins visit, wooden shovel found
1877 Boiler explosion and mine closed
1878 Sale of effects and Company wound up (24/5/78)
1911-1912 Alderley Mining Company Ltd operating
1914-1915 Allan Gibb (300 tons of ore, 35 tons of precipitate)
1916-1917 Only one Caretaker at mines
1918-1919 Alderley Copper Company Ltd operating
1926 Sale of effects - END OF MINING
1929 Loss of two men in West Mine
1933 Popular area for juveniles, death of Evans
1940 Plan to make air-raid shelter in West Mine
1951 Cavers visit the mines. Article in British Spelaeological Association Journal
1955 Talk of restarting mining at West Mine
1957 "Teddy Boys" becoming major problem. Engine Vein side entrance blocked.
1957 Wood Mine Quarry filled in.
1960+ Wood Mine shafts filled. Wood Mine entrance filled.
1964 Wood Mine adit entrance blasted in
1969 Wood Mine reopened
1975 West Mine reopened
1980 Hough Level explored from Stump Shaft
1981 Engine Vein capped
1982 Brynlow Mine reopened
1985 Square Shaft cleared
1986 Hough Level reopened at Dickens Wood
1988 Bear Pit cleared, Temple Shaft cleared
1990 Wood Mine Adit reopened properly
1992 Hough Level cleared to Engine Vein
1994 Wooden shovel dated
1995 Roman coin hoard found
1997 Pot Shaft dug archaeologically during AELP
1999 Saddlebole dug archaeologically
2000 Extensions in Engine Vein. DCC website set up
2001 Part of the Edge scheduled as an ancient monument
2003 Educational website published by AELPHER
2005 Archaeological book published.  AELP wrapped up with talks and walks.
2012 Revised edition of The Alderley Edge Mines published.
2016 The Story of Alderley - Living with the Edge published by AELP and Manchester University Press
2018 Reeking Mine extended

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