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Jugholes and Goodluck Mine

4th-5th June 2016 - Nigel Dibben - SK 2797 5959

As part of the Magpie weekend, this trip was billed as a TryCaving trip and we welcomed three novices. Starting at Sainsbury’s in Matlock, the group took several cars by two different routes up to the cave. Nigel led one group the direct way while James chose to go via Matlock Bath, Cromford, Ashbourne, Buxton and Monyash, or so it seemed. Anyway, we eventually all met up at the entrance and got going underground.

The first little trip was round the workings in the main open chamber and then we went into the Upper Series which we explored to the end. Route finding was interesting in places and a lot of it seems to be just a huge boulder choke. At the far end which is actually downstream, we came to the sump. James went up into a further section where he looked for a connection to the Lower Series and we then came out to daylight again.

The next part of the trip involved a ladder climb down into the lower series where we saw the five main caverns connected by crawls or climbs and eventually emerged to daylight again through the adit exit.

A grand time was had by all with the photos showing that we spent about 3 1/2 hours underground altogether.

Below 1: The main chamber on the way in   Below 2: The group in the Beehive chamber   Below 3: Descending the pitch into the Lower Series   Below 4: After the trip   

Picture 1: The main chamber on the way in Picture 2: The group in the Beehive chamber Picture 3: Descending the pitch into the Lower Series Picture 4: After the trip

On the Sunday, six of us went to Goodluck Mine which was holding an open day, a regular feature the first Sunday each month. At Goodluck, we met John Wilmott who acted as our guide for the day. It would be impossible to say precisely where we went as we went up and down ladders and chains, through crawls (and back again sometimes), down natural rifts and up an ore chute. Altogether, it meant a lot of stooping but being with John made it a very interesting trip.

After Goodluck, four of us went down the valley a bit to look at Groaning Tor Level which is partly a coffin level and has some interesting features where levels are uncompleted as the mine changes direction. Pete spent some time examining and photographing the level. 

Below 1: Initials carved in Goodluck Mine   Below 2: James emerging from a crawl   Below 3: Groaning Tor Level   Below 4: Forefield in a coffin level   

Picture 1: Initials carved in Goodluck Mine Picture 2: James emerging from a crawl Picture 3: Groaning Tor Level Picture 4: Forefield in a coffin level

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