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Wretched Rabbit to Lancaster and Bull Pot of the Witches

28-29 January 2017 - Nigel Dibben - SD 662 815

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Saturday: Easegill to LancasterThe trip started with eight of us until Andy went to Lancaster to rig and to meet us half way. So seven of us went down Wretched Rabbit entrance: Tom, Anton, Nigel, Alex, Matt, Yvonne and Callum. After a fairly brisk trip down the climbs, meanders and crawls of Wretched Rabbit passage, we got down to Stop Pot and started to enjoy the larger passages. A brief stop was had in the Minarets for a bit of snap and a couple of photos by Nigel and Tom. On then along the main top passage through Stake Pot (good thing there are fixed ropes there!) to Fall Pot. Both routes were taken up Fall Pot ƒÆ’‚ƒÂ€š‚¬ƒÂ‚¬…“ the SRT route and the free climb. On to Lancaster entrance but Nigel and Anton diverted briefly to photograph the Colonnades. Then it was just down to the ascent of Lancaster which everyone did fairly quickly given that we had novices in our party. Then back to Bull Pot Farm. Pete and James went down Lost JohnƒÆ’‚ƒÂ€š‚¬ƒÂ€ž‚Âs as far as BattleAxe where the water level seemed a bit too high to continue safely.At the farm, we all celebrated CharlotteƒÆ’‚ƒÂ€š‚¬ƒÂ€ž‚Âs 30th birthday into the small hours by which it had started snowing ƒÆ’‚ƒÂ€š‚¬ƒÂ‚¬…“ leading to a bit of a battle between DCC and RRCPC!Sunday: Bull Pot of the WitchesThere was a certain amount of reluctance amongst those present to get caving again on Sunday but in the end three of us made it. Nigel, Pete and James had a trip of a few hours in Bull Pot of the Witches doing the easier passages. It was still sunny and snow was still lying about when we got out but the journey home was not affected by the weather.Good weekend of caving and socialising. 

Below 1: Wretched Rabbit team   Below 2: Scylla and Charybdis   Below 3: Bull Pot of the Witches in snow   Below 4: Burnett's Cavern   

Picture 1: Wretched Rabbit teamPicture 2: Scylla and CharybdisPicture 3: Bull Pot of the Witches in snowPicture 4: Burnett's Cavern

Type of entry: Caving

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