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Moorfurlong Mine

14th December 2019 - Nigel Dibben - SK 1678 8119

This was to be Rob's Christmas Cracker trip for the Club and a dozen signed up for it but sadly, in the end, only five of us made it. There was Rob, Phil, Mark, Sally and Nigel. We met at 11 (just after the snowstorm!) and changed but by now the sky was bright and the sun had even come out.

A short walk through someone's front garden and over some barbed wire got us to the mine entrance - a metal lid without a Derbyshre lock. It did not take long for us all to get down the fixed ladder and short climbing shaft (fortunately with a bit of ladder as well) and into the main chamber. Dropping the heavy bags of food etc, we set off to the east and down some quite scrawly passages with mud and water on the floor - not quite the dry trip some of us had expected. Nigel turned back when it all seemed to be getting a bit tight but it wasn't long before we were all together again and back in the main chamber.

Now it was time to break out the decorations and food. There was a laser light show and traditional Christmas music thanks to Steve. The miners' buddle made an ideal beer cooler and a large piece of plywood became our table. Not all got eaten by any stretch but it was a good start to Christmas.

After lunch, we decided to visit some of the other workings - not the low ones - and we explored west of the entrance into the flats. Then it was time for the return to a cold but bright surface, change and have a debrief in the Shoulder of Mutton.

A great little trip (but remember it can be wet and muddy) and thanks to Rob for setting it up. 

Below 1: Mark emerges from the crawling   Below 2: and Sally   Below 3: and Rob   Below 4: while Nigel waits   

Picture 1: Mark emerges from the crawlingPicture 2: and SallyPicture 3: and RobPicture 4: while Nigel waits

Below 1: In the main chamber   Below 2: Phil's beer cooler   Below 3: The spread on the table   Below 4: Team picture   

Picture 1: In the main chamberPicture 2: Phil's beer coolerPicture 3: The spread on the tablePicture 4: Team picture

Type of entry: Mining

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