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Jugholes and Masson Mine

23rd January 2022 - Helen Perkins

Early start on Sunday morning everyone cleaned and tided the cottage left for the first trip by 9.20am, (a world record for the DCC!!). Onto Jugholes with Phil Lilley, Sarah Bergin, Jane Sarginson Pete Johnson and Shaun Needs.


Phil demonstrated how to load a stop so that you can lower people down as very slippery. Great wander round with tight squeezes, sideways shuffling and a new yoga / caver manoeuvre patented by Sarah Bergin for very interesting descent with no hand or foot holds just yoga and the force!!. Phil got a squashed hand at one point as he was assisting at a vulnerable point. Chimney techniques employed by all and great climbing opportunities fully utilised. There were some rather large grumpy spiders who were not very happy at the intrusion of 5 cavers, flashing lights and attempting to take pictures (really must learn how to use the settings on my phone). We exited past the mine cart and through the tube. Next was the lower section so back round we went to attack from a different entrance. Much clambering needed and slithering technique to negotiate the boulder choke. Chocolate bars and drinks good chat and away we went again. Great trip and my first time into Jugholes one I have been wanted to visit for a while.


After a short lunch break at the cars off we went into Masson. We took a detour along a footpath before heading back up to where the quarry actually was. Why is it that these locations have the ability to move or is it that it was just a long time ago that any of us actually went there?? Onwards we venture passed the non-existent climbers, weird as there are normally lots of them dangling off the rock face, instead just lots of empty hangers. We descended rather gracefully into the depths and once again slid down more muddy inclines. We headed off with Sarah map reading the survey. We ended up at a lake where I started to enter at welly broach it was decided to go a different way. At least I just had one soggy foot, I could have been thigh deep before I was called back. We investigated lots of different ways ending up with me leading us through a ‘toilet seat’ and a slippy climb into a passage that rapidly decreased in size. Decision made to try another route. We saw lots of lovely calcite passages and had a great wander. As time marched on we decided that a return trip was required as there was so much to see and explore. We made our way back to the entrance and there was much hilarity at everyone’s exit techniques. I shot up first ready to assist as required. Jane won the prize for the most elegant forward facing superman pose ending up in foetal position. We stopped to observe the little robin who was hovering at the entrance so Pete obliged with food from his bag. We met Phil at the top of the quarry as he has decided that cheesy chips and a 7 mile walk was preferable to slithering around in Masson. Now we all wanted cheesy chip. We set off back to Magpie to collect the abandoned cars and some of us said our goodbyes. (I think a pub visit was incorporated by some!). A fantastic fun weekend with knots tying practise in the evening with willing bodies required as tie posts. Allan Berry joined us on the Friday night and went off to dig in Poole’s Cavern on the Saturday. Bill Booth contributed to the excellent company for the weekend and managed to combine several social arrangements, a man in demand.

Many thanks to our excellent meets secretary Sarah Bergin for organising the trips and tea in pub, I took on the accommodation arrangements. Fabulous time, look forward to the next one.

Type of entry: Caving Mining

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