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West Mine is the largest mine under Alderley Edge, and the main chamber, not far in from the entrance, is the largest single open space underground at Alderley. Nevertheless, it is small by comparison with mine chambers elsewhere in the UK. The chamber was excavated by using hand drills and gunpowder and probably took a couple of years to get as large as it is now.
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In the north west corner of Scotland is a small area of limestone of considerable geological interest. The Durness limestone lies below the Moine Thrust and has a number of sporting caves developed in the river valleys in the area. The picture shows the streamway in Cnoc nan Uamh in high water conditions. The cave can be explored to a muddy sump before it becomes a place for cave divers, only.

The next public event at the Alderley Edge mines is an evening trip at Wood Mine on Tuesday 19/10/2021.To find out if there is still space available, go to the booking page.

In case of emergency at Alderley Edge, call POLICE 999 and ask for DERBYSHIRE CAVE RESCUE.   They will call out local team members.  Do NOT call for the Fire Brigade.