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Pete casting a copper spearheadWe have found that not all members of the public can or want to make prior arrangements for a trip. To meet their needs, we hold Open Days or Weekends twice a year when anyone who arrives at the mine (usually Wood Mine or Engine Vein) will be taken down in a small group. To make the trip easier and to add to the special nature of the Open Weekends, parts of the mine are floodlit and a circular tour is arranged.  If you are however interested in arranging your own visit, please go to our page on visiting the mines at other times.

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Since 2001, we have included displays and demonstrations of the Club's activities.  The pictures show (upper left) casting copper, (right) a led trip in Wood Mine and (lower left) the displays in Church Quarry during an Open Weekend.  (Click on the pictures for enlargements.)

A led trip into Wood MineDisplays in Church QuarryAt various times, we have displayed surveying work, history and chemistry of metal extraction, tool making, practical demonstration of rock drilling, smelting, cave radio and cave rescue. 

We also organise trips further into the mine for those interested and  provide information about surface walks for those who do not want to venture below ground. 

The "caving" members of the Club were also involved giving demonstrations of rope and ladder work as well as talking to visitors about joining the Club.  

Other information

The Open Day(s) are this weekend and we cannot take any more bookings. You can however find out more, for example how to find the mine where the Open Day is taking place, by clicking HERE. For more information, you can download our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Demonstrating rope climbing techniques in Engine Vein The club has Open Days in April and September. When the date is fixed, the next Open Weekend will be publicised on this site and at the Information Centre behind the Wizard. The April Open Days are usually on the last weekend in April before the Bank Holiday, depending on Easter, and the September weekend is the first weekend in September. However, these dates cannot be guaranteed and you are urged to check this page before setting off specially to visit the mines.

ChargesAndy handing out lights at the entrance to Wood Mine

A charge is made for the led trips on Open Days in order to cover the cost of insurance and organisation of the event.  Children are welcome but they must be in the company of a parent or legal guardian.  The caving club is not licensed under the Adventure Activity Licensing Regulations 2004 but payment is required for children (5 to 15 years) as the event is a demonstration of the Club's activities.  For more information about the regulations and their impact on clubs such as ours, look at the page about legal issues or feel free to e-mail to the Club.

The current prices for Open Day visits are:
    *   Adults: £8
    *   Seniors (65+): £6
    *   Children: £4
    *   Family (1+2): £14
    *   Family (2+2): £22

Photos and feedback

We have published an assortment of photographs from previous Open Days.

There is some feedback from previous Open Days on another page.

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