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Mouldridge Mine

16th December 2018 - Nigel Dibben - SK 1935 5957

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Where shall we go for the Christmas Cracker Trip? Rob decided against Yorkshire so we went to Mouldridge Mine in the Peak instead. Mouldridge was a lead mine worked for at least 200 years, on and off, ending in the 1950s. The Club had an interest in it when Stan Gee, founder member, and others thought of making it into a mining museum. However, this never happened and PDMHS removed the machinery and it is now regularly visited by Scout groups and activity centres. Our trip was planned as a bit of light caving before Christmas with suitable refreshments in the main chamber during the trip.After meeting up at 11, we started by exploring the south western end of the mine up a few crawls and scrambles looking for the "Banana Slide" but failing - from both ends. Our excuse is that it has been blocked at some time. Then we went back to the main chamber for the Christmas lunch including Rob's homemade Christmas pudding and home-warmed Ambrosia custard. Mulled wine, sausage rolls, cakes and chocolates added to the festive feeling. After a group photo for posterity, we explored the area on the north western side of the adit which is known as the Playground as it includes a number of entertaining crawls and squeezes. That kept us amused for a bit and then we moved off to the eastern side of the adit and dropped down to the most recent workings. Here there is an air pipe leading to the forefield as well as the winze from the main adit level. There's no round trip there so it was back to the chamber to clear up and then head out with a final team photo at the entrance.Debriefing took place in the Bull's Head in Monyash before we all headed home at about 3. Great little sporting trip - thanks to Rob and Phil in particular for organising and leading and thanks to all for making it an enjoyable day out. The trip members were Anton, Gina, Alison, Phil, James B, Mark, Yvonne, Rob, Richard, Dan and myself. 

Below 1: The group in the main chamber   Below 2: Rob prepares Christmas Pudding and custard   Below 3: James in the mine   Below 4: After the trip   

Picture 1: The group in the main chamberPicture 2: Rob prepares Christmas Pudding and custardPicture 3: James in the minePicture 4: After the trip

Type of entry: Mining

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